Problems And Positives With Gps Cell Phones

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This can be a very valuable tool when traveling, or simply when trying to locate something in the local area without making unnecessary stops or getting lost. GPS was originally placed in higher end cars as a luxury mapping and safety tool. They are now standard on many smart phones and PDAs, and other cell phones are being outfitted with this option as well.

Despite the convenience of this feature, criminal activity has been reported in regards to the GPS system. One particular incident involved a family’s home being robbed while they were attending a local football game. The car was broken into in the parking lot of the game, where the thief nabbed cash, the GPS, and the garage door opener remote. Upon arriving home, they disjjjjjjooooooed iPhone 8 Cases a mess of broken and missing items.

The GPS allowed the thief to find the location of the family’s home, and then obtain easy entry via the garage door remote. The thief knew where the family was, so he knew that he had plenty of time to steal a big screen TV, jewelry, a stereo system, computers, and several other pricey items. There may have been the use of a truck to take the items as there were so many objects of such large sizes and weight.

Police advise to never put a home address into any GPS unit. A nearby public landmark is advisable. This insures that criminals will not be able to find the location of the user’s home.

Another example involves a stolen purse. This contained the victim’s bank and credit cards, cash, license, and her cell phone. She used a pay phone to call her husband who informed her that he had just texted their pin number to someone Google Pixel XL 2 Case that he thought was her – the request was texted from her cell phone. The money had already been taken out of the account when they got to the bank.

Some tips to avoid an occurrence like this one:

1. Do not use nicknames or family names in contact lists in the cell phone menu.

2. Do not answer personal information and questioning via text message.

3. Confirm texts regarding meeting someone somewhere by calling the person before going to meet them.

Some of the positives that do exist in regards to GPS cell phones are the following:

1. As previously mentioned, this system can prevent getting lost and wasting time in navigating a new route or trip.

2. 911 services can easily locate the user of the phone; this is as opposed to having to use more sophisticated and time consuming methods of locating the cell phone. This system can also help in preventing Google Pixel 2 Accessories dangerous situations where the user is stuck in an unknown area.

3. Keeping abreast of traffic jams and accidents in order to obtain alternate route information instead of being stuck for hours.

4. Up to the minute weather information is also available with GPS. This comes in handy when planning on attending an outdoor event such as a sports game.

5. Tasks such as grocery shopping or holiday shopping can become much quicker, organized, and simpler when utilizing a GPS cell phone service.

Although there are safety precautions to take when using GPS navigation and services (as is the jjjjjjoooooo with most anything these days), there are also many time saving and helpful benefits. Some of these benefits can also relate to safety issues as well. Obtaining a GPS cell phone is an important option that many should consider.