Introduction of Cell Phone jjjjjjoooooo Materials

There are many kinds of materials made into cell phone jjjjjjoooooo. The most commons are rigid plastic (PC, ABS, PP), soft plastic (TPU), silicone, metal, leather, and some other special materials such as carbon fibre, bamboo, wood and so on.

I. Rigid plastic materials 1. PC material PC plastic has a good toughness and light transmission, thus, it can be made ultra-thin. 2. ABS material ABS material has an advantage in its hardness than PC, but also a hard feel while used. 3. PP material PP material is relative cheap, so some manufacturers decide to use it to product ultra-thin protective jjjjjjoooooo.

II. Silicon and TPU plastic TPU plastic and silicon belongs to soft gum: TPU belongs to plastic and silicon belongs iPhone 8 Plus Wallet to rubber. Considering the touch feeling, usually, TPU feels harder and more elastic than silicon. If we compare TPU to muscles, the silicon could be compared to fat. On their appearance, TPU could be made into transparent which makes it very popular nowadays. In addition, lots of top-grade products are made from TPU, giving a lot of alternatives. It also has more grain patterns than the silicon. When it comes to silicon, it always not pretty beautiful, but has a better function of anti-shock and anti-wear, feeling soft.

III. Leather Leather is a kind of traditional materials used in cell phone protective jjjjjjoooooo. As everyone knows, leather gives a comfortable and soft feeling, so this is not our point. Let move on to tell how to distinguish genuine leather. Touch feeling: When you touch the jjjjjjoooooo iPhone 8 Plus Case surface, if you feel smooth, soft, elastic or such feelings, it should be genuine leather. On the opposite, it must be synthetic leather with the feeling of astringent, rigid and tough. Observation: Genuine leather has clear pores and lines. Cattle leather has symmetrical fine pores, yak leather has sparse coarse pores and goatskin has scaly pores. Smells: All genuine leather has the smell of leather, and artificial leather has a strong stimulating plastic smell. Lighting: Tear a little fibre from the surface and light it. The artificial leather smells stimulating and forms little lump while genuine leather smells like the hair without lumps forming. V. Metal materials Metal jjjjjjoooooo has a wonderful texture and a higher level with a mature workmanship with the surface treatment. Its disadvantage is the inconvenience iPhone 8 Cover of installation. You should pay more attention if your jjjjjjoooooo is installed with screws, because the metal material, normally aluminum alloy, regardless of so-called aviation aluminum or other aluminum, the screws are easy to slip. Careless friends are recommended to choose it with more and more carefulness.

VI. Special materials Carbon fibre The shells made from carbon fibre are too hard to be broken by hands. The users choosing this material are supposed to love the crystal three-dimensional effect of the kind of carbon fibre. Bamboo and wood These ones are not popular, in other words, have their own personalities and a traditional feel. On the other hand, these jjjjjjoooooo are relative thick and expensive.