Brilliantstore Release Retro Cassette Tape Silicone Case for LG V30

Tape, for 60,70,80 years, are very familiar things,
In that period, there is no network, no CD and WALKMAN era
Have a tape drive is a very luxury thing.
In the summer afternoon, in the silence of the night, listening to the tape drive in from the sound,
Let us pass a lot of boring time.
Developed in the era of high technology, the tape has basically disappeared,
Occasionally, we miss this very little thing, maybe that is the so-called retro nostalgia it.
Now, the latest tape silicone Moto E4 Plus Case case turned out to matter,
Let us nostalgic bar, will also allow you a more prominent personality LG V30 oh
Perfect camouflage, is a little touch your memories of past it?

Brilliantstore release Retro Cassette Tape Silicone Case for LG V30, let’s hava a quick look at it.

Features: Uniquely designed for LG V30 AT